1. We will soon be using D3 to visualize data. Here’s some examples of how to use it.



  3. Links for today’s lecture on templates


  4. From our discussion about business models.


  5. Commands you need to run from the terminal app

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev build-essential git-core

    sudo pip install —upgrade pip

    sudo pip install django


  6. A Predator returning from a routine northern border patrol is diverted to help a North Dakota sheriff arrest members of the Sovereign Citizen Movement who had chased him off their property. Surveillance from two miles up, and a congresswoman who said this isn’t what they authorized.


  7. The essential complexity is not to be abhorred, it’s to be celebrated. So embrace that. Stop hoping for a silver bullet.

  8. There is hope yet, JOUR 491 students.


  9. Homework for week 4

    1. Download VirtualBox to your computer

    2. Download Ubuntu to your computer

    3. Install VirtualBox

    4. Start VirtualBox and install Ubuntu as a virtual machine

    5. Sign up for a free Github account and email me your account name (the url to your account).

    6. Read The Complete Guide to Freemium Business Models and write me a reaction paper.

    On installing VirtualBox and Ubuntu: If you aren’t sure what you’re doing, if you’re confused, first Google. Second, get in touch.

    And why are we doing this? Virtual boxes are great ways to sandbox everything. That way, if you really, really screw up, you wipe the box and start over. They’re places to try and experiment with things without worrying about screwing up your computer.


  10. Sept. 6 class

    First, we’ll talk about this.

    Later, we’ll take this quiz.